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Matt Smith to Keynote 2017 ILEPA Annual Conference, presented by ENGIE Resources

August 08, 2017

In advance of the 2017 Illinois Energy Professionals Association (ILEPA) annual conference, presented by ENGIE Resources, Market Monitor sat down with David Wiers, leader of the organization, for a preview of the Aug. 24 event, taking place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Venue One Loft in Chicago. 

How many years have you held your annual meeting and who typically attends?

ILEPA has hosted the annual meeting in Chicago for the last eight years. We’ve covered a wide range of content on everything from regulatory issues and pricing concerns to technology and data trends to strategies for ensuring customer value. And we’ve had some pretty notable industry names – such as renowned insurance and regulatory advisor Dr. Phil O’Connor, Ph.D. – share their expertise. This has drawn a nice turnout of brokers, suppliers, and other energy professionals each year.

What are you planning for the 2017 event? 

We have a robust agenda of content planned for this year’s event, and we’re pretty excited about the lineup of speakers. 

For starters, our keynote speaker is Matt Smith, who specializes in extracting key themes from technical and fundamental analyses of the global energy markets. He’s a dynamic speaker who will provide critical insight on weather and its impact on pricing, as well as other factors driving volatility in the market. 

Chris Townsend, a member of Clark Hill’s Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Practice Group, will also take part in the event to shed light on several key issues influencing the deregulated market. He’s an authority on state’s changing energy landscape, has been involved in the deregulated Illinois market since its inception, and is highly regarded for his views on where the industry is headed. 

In addition to these presentations, the event will also include panel discussions with prominent experts, including our longtime friend Dr. O’Connor; research guru Young Kim, principal of Energy Research Consulting Group; and Andrew Barth, president of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA).

What is your goal for conference participants this year? 

In short, we hope attendees walk away with a better understanding of the critical factors driving the future of our industry from a regional and global perspective, and the unique role we all play in ensuring its continued success. 

As data, decentralization, and clean/renewable energy become more prolific, consumers will naturally become more informed and engaged in strategic procurement and management decisions. All of these factors – which will be touched on in some way at the 2017 conference – are driving a significant transformation and shaping an energy sector of tomorrow that will look very different than it does today. 

Who is invited to attend? 

Any energy professional conducting business in Illinois is sure to find value in our annual conference; however, we encourage anyone with interests in the deregulated markets to attend. 

How can energy professionals register?

Simple. Click here to register. It takes just a few minutes, but be sure to act now – early bird pricing will expire at the end of the day on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Tell us a little about ILEPA.

My pleasure. ILEPA was formed in 2007 as a self-regulating body aimed at standardizing processes and ensuring agents, brokers, and consultants maintain an acceptable level of market knowledge and responsibility while transacting in the marketplace. We essentially provide a platform for driving common interests and promoting educational and professional standards in the deregulated energy market of Illinois. For more information on the organization and its activities, visit