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At ENGIE, we understand the importance of reducing CO2 in the environment. As a global leader in energy production, we are focused on renewable energy sources to create a cleaner environment.

Why Solar?
Solar power is clean energy you can depend on. In fact, the sun produces more energy in one hour than the world consumes in one year. The technology to harness that energy has become more efficient, allowing the cost of producing solar to decrease, and in some markets, it is competitive with retail and utility supply.

Solar initiatives are gaining ground at the local, state and federal levels. Subsidies and renewable standards are making solar more attractive than ever before. Once thought to be too expensive and complex, solar is an evolving technology that can offset peak-usage, reduce delivery charges, meet budget and sustainability goals and support green branding strategies.

When committing to a solar project, you need a partner you can trust for the long term. ENGIE carries an “A-” credit rating* and offers competitive solutions to meet every budget. Our team of experts can assess your site and design a system that is customized to meet your needs.  We can design, build, install, and operate solar generation facilities throughout the United States either at your facility or in your community.

If you are thinking about solar, now is a great time to get started with us. For more information or to get a quote, contact us at