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Looking for an energy provider for your commercial and industrial operation?

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  • Review your business drivers, past usage, and other factors to determine the best possible product choice for you. We give you the energy tools and insights to make an informed electricity decision.
  • Feel good about your choice of provider, knowing that ENGIE has the financial strength and stability that comes with a leading name in global energy. We're backed by one of the world's largest corporations and hold an "BBB+" credit rating from Standard & Poor's.
  • Get the service you deserve. Recent industry research shows that 90% of our existing commercial customers rated their satisfaction level as “high.” That’s why more than 80% of all our customers renew.
  • Discover better ways to manage energy at your facility and ways to save money; we offer a wide array of data and load response programs, energy and environmental services, solar, and battery storage to commercial and industrial customers. Contact us today.