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Customer Care Changes 2020

ENGIE Resources is in the midst of transforming its customer service operations. We are changing from one, long-standing provider to a mix of an in-house team and a new provider. More than 50,000 commercial and industrial accounts are impacted by this project which we appropriately called “Titan.”

While outsourcing functions like this has been the norm in many industries, our move to bring some services in-house demonstrates our commitment.

For Texas, New York, and Illinois-Ameren we have created a new customer portal and have attempted to communicate the new portal log in information in correspondence to customers. This information includes directions on how to activate an account in addition to your new account number.

If you have received this information, you can activate your account by clicking the hyperlink in the email, and visiting us at the new portal

Be sure to enter this entirely or you may be directed to the old portal.

If you do not have your new billing account number, you MUST request this information via email at

We are experiencing high levels of calls and emails which is causing long delays.

Our care center can be reached at 866.693.6443 for other inquiries.

We appreciate your patience as we make this transition.