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Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage in New York

May 07, 2019

Several New York utilities have petitioned the state’s PSC for approval of a data security agreement designed to assure that entities seeking access to customer data have strict cybersecurity safeguards in place.  The proposal comes in the wake of a recent cybersecurity attack on a natural gas pipeline in the region.  Key elements of the proposal include requirements for cyber security insurance, minimum levels of cyber security, and indemnification of utilities.  Failure to comply would prohibit entities from obtaining electronic access to utility information systems.

The Retail Energy Supply Association is one of several stakeholder groups to voice opposition to the proposal.  "Protections should not be overly burdensome or duplicative, and standardization of cybersecurity protocols should not be achieved at the expense of tailored solutions that address the unique aspects of each stakeholder's role in the marketplace," RESA said.

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