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ENGIE Resources Powers Leading Global Smelter and Refiner Techemet LP with Custom Solution, Providing Flexibility and Tools to Optimize Market Movements

May 30, 2017

ENGIE Resources, a leader in the “Energy Revolution,” is now powering Techemet LP, a global provider of automobile catalytic converter recycling and precious metal trading services based in Pasadena, Texas.

According to Techemet leaders involved in the selection of ENGIE Resources, the supplier stood out from competitors primarily in its ability to deliver a flexible product backed by the tools and resources needed to take advantage of market price movements.

Shawn Dougherty, Director of Engineering at Techemet, explained, “ENGIE Resources really stepped up to the plate to bring an offer to the table that other suppliers just couldn’t match. As we went through the process, a lot of companies claimed they could provide platforms to support more informed decisions, but nothing really came close to the value delivered through ENGIE’s VPower™. After seeing the capabilities of this tool – and receiving incredible customer service and competitive pricing – it was clear that ENGIE Resources was the best fit for us.”

VPower is designed to help customers better understand and optimize electricity usage, peak demand, and market opportunities in real time to achieve a more manageable load profile and lower cost of energy. The dynamic reporting tool combines hardware at the meter with online software to provide actionable intelligence to energy managers.

“We’re honored to work with one of the largest recyclers of platinum-group metals in the world,” said JD Burrows, Vice President of Marketing for ENGIE Resources. “I think our willingness to work closely with Techemet gave us the understanding we needed to make sure they were getting exactly what they wanted from their power agreement. We’re excited to deliver added value through our customized solution and are grateful to Techemet for giving us the opportunity to earn their business.”

Techemet joins the growing number of ENGIE Resources customers who have enrolled in the VPower platform for its far-reaching benefits. The service not only helps customers realize goals in terms of energy consumption and costs, but also furthers the objectives of grid operators, regulators, and society by helping to reduce system demands and stress, improve reliability, and support a lower-carbon future.

Integration of VPower into energy management strategies also supports ENGIE Resources’ “Energy Revolution.” The initiative is designed to shift emphasis away from providers’ traditional role, which has been to help customers manage price risk alone, and toward helping customers manage both price and quantity – how much they use, when they use it, and what they pay.

By providing the tools, resources, and technologies to do that, suppliers can help customers make better, smarter decisions about their consumption, saving energy and money.

Techemet is one of the largest smelters and refiners of automotive catalytic converters and industrial catalysts in the world. The company manages three submerged arc furnaces with a combined capacity of 30 million pounds of feed per annum. Its smelting operation is unique in that it generates no waste streams: everything is recycled.