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As a leading global energy operator, we are now even better powered to respond to today’s changing energy landscape.

Our industry is rapidly evolving, with advancements in renewables and less carbon-intensive energy, new opportunities to curtail consumption, and more robust data integration. Businesses are far more informedand engaged—than ever before in energy management, efficiency, and procurement. And a distinct, collective responsibility for environmental stewardship has emerged across the globe to preserve resources for all—for many generations to come. 

Our adoption of the ENGIE name (sounds like the letters “N” and “G” put together) is a direct reflection of the changes taking shape in today’s dynamic energy sector.    

It communicates a blend of simplicity and strength, signaling our global Group’s positive, forward-looking vision, and it underscores our transformational values and business practices. It also evokes a unique spirit of vitality, implying energy for all—in all cultures—while respecting the balance of the planet’s natural resources.

Our transition to ENGIE marks an exciting new direction for GDF SUEZ Energy Resources. But even though our name is changing, our strengths as a retail electricity provider remain the same. 

  • Industry Leadership. We’re the third-largest U.S. energy provider and are licensed in 14 deregulated markets. Our parent company, ENGIE, is the number one utility in the world. 
  • Financial Strength. We maintain a level of financial strength that’s unparalleled in the U.S. retail electricity market, holding an “A-/A2” credit rating from Standard & Poor’s/Moody’s.
  • Billing Accuracy. Our 99.8% billing accuracy rate ensures that invoices come to customers without surprises.
  • Customer Service. Surveys show that 90% of our customers are highly satisfied. As the first retail supplier to publicly guarantee on-time enrollment, we take pride in delivering consistently quick, accountable service and advice that is easy to understand, whether customers have a question about renewal or need help with a business issue. 
  • Tools and Insights. We’re committed to providing useful tools and insights over the long term, giving customers access to historical pricing data, industry news, and other resources to help drive informed decisions. 
  • Proven Performance. Most of our business is repeat business—and it has been earned through word of mouth that’s based on a performance that consistently meets or exceeds customer demands.