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Hello Hydrogen

December 02, 2019

Hydrogen is the world's most abundant element and could play a big role in a sustainable energy future. A report cited by Bloomberg positions hydrogen as the most practical way to generate the 1,000 degree temperatures that are needed by heavy industrial processes. Hydrogen is abundant in the environment. It's stored in water (H2O), hydrocarbons (methane, CH4), and other organic matter. The major challenge is how to efficiently extract it from these compounds.

Electrolysis may be the answer, but it's pricey. It's a process where an electric current passes through water, splitting off hydrogen atoms from oxygen. Bloomberg economic analysis sums that for renewable hydrogen to compete with natural gas, the costs must drop by more than 50%.

A fuel cell electric vehicle running on hydrogen emits only water vapor and warm air as exhaust and is considered a zero-emission vehicle.

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