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Making Renewable Energy Easy for Small Customers

October 28, 2019

Renewable Energy

ENGIE Resources has introduced portfolioRE, a solution that offers renewable energy supply to small and mid-size customers. The product offers an opportunity for customers to make the strongest sustainability claims through a solution that is tailored to fit load profiles and low carbon objectives, and further accelerate the adoption of renewables.

portfolioRE offers practical, predictable renewable physical energy supply through traditional retail supply contracts along with renewable energy certificates (RECs). With an aggregation of customers, the product can be leveraged to support the construction of new, local renewable energy facilities. It can also be tailored to supply physical volumes from existing local assets. For example, with portfolioRE, customers in ERCOT can source from the Live Oak Wind Farm, ENGIE’s 200 MW wind farm in San Angelo, Texas. Flexible, 5- to 10-year contracts, firm volumes, fixed price for budget certainty and marketing rights to reference specific renewable assets make it easy for customers to become low carbon leaders by reducing their environmental impact while also improving their competitive position.

“portfolioRE is the coming together of the best that retail energy marketing offers, growth in renewable energy development, and ENGIE’s commitment to lead the zero-carbon transition,” said Graham Leith, Senior Vice President. “Non-utility customers account for two-thirds of end-use of electricity, representing about 4,200 MW of power purchase agreements in the U.S., an increase of 66% since 2015 with the same or higher growth levels expected to 2030 and beyond.”

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