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Nukes Win: Federal Judge Blocks Bailout Ballot

October 28, 2019

Ohio House Bill 6 is generally considered a bailout for nuclear power that provides $150 million in annual financial support for two plants with a combined capacity of 2,176 MW. It applies surcharges to monthly electric bills for 4.8 million customers and rolls back renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

Ohio voters have the right of referendum to embrace or reject laws passed by the Ohio General Assembly. Voters have 90 days from passage of a law to petition for a referendum. Groups including Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts have been gathering signatures to block the law by placing a referendum on the November 2020 ballot. However, their petition for more time to gather signatures has been rejected by a Federal judge who ruled that it is up to the Supreme Court of Ohio to determine whether the group should be given more time to gather signatures.

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