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The Energy Revolution And Regulators: Creating A Better World For Customers

December 05, 2017

The ENGIE Energy Revolution delivers benefits to a diverse range of stakeholders in the power sector, including businesses, consumers, and grid operators. For regulators, the opportunities are just as significant.

As the energy landscape changes, regulators have options for shaping customer-centric policies that enable them to build on their traditional responsibilities of ensuring fair prices, security of supply, and environmental stewardship. By directly focusing on making customers more aware of how much power they use and when they use it, regulators will play a key role in cutting consumption – thus easing stress on the grid, reducing the need for expensive new infrastructure, and promoting increased use of renewables.

In this video, Sayun Sukduang, President and Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Resources, discusses some of the ways regulators can assist market participants in navigating their energy future. His message is clear:

If regulators pivot to customers – through decentralization of generation, digitization of data, and minimizing the environmental footprint associated with generation and consumption – they can help achieve society’s larger goals and contribute to a better quality of life for everyone.