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View our GDF SUEZ 2014 Road Show on-demand webcast focusing on ISO-NE and NYISO

November 03, 2014

Watch our latest stop on the "2014 Road Show" that was held in Boston and hear the latest national and regional updates on the electricity and gas markets in our on-demand webcast. During the presentation, Andrew Weissman provided his energy market analysis and price risks*. Andrew was joined by our Directors of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Joe Dalton and Jeffrey Levine, who focused on providing information on issues specific to the ISO-NE and NYISO regions.

View our on-demand webcast materials:

On-demand webcast: View now 
Presentation slides: View now (PDF format)

About Andrew Weissman
Andrew Weissman is a Senior Energy Advisor at Haynes and Boone. During the course of his 30-plus-year career, Andrew has helped to transform energy and environmental policy at the state and federal level and develop innovative new structures for major energy transactions.
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About Joe Dalton
Joe Dalton, a Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs at GDF SUEZ presented on the public policy changes being contemplated in energy markets throughout the New England region by Governors, Legislators, and Regulators. Given the impact of the cold weather on the energy system last winter and the anticipation around conditions this winter, the update is very timely. Joe has more than 20 years of public policy experience, including an exclusive focus on energy issues for the last eight, and he currently directs the government and regulatory affairs activities in New England and assists in Washington, for all of the GDF SUEZ business units operating in the northeast. He previously worked for U.S. Congressman now Senator Edward Markey in Massachusetts and Washington.

About Jeffrey Levine
Jeffrey Levine is also a Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs at GDF SUEZ. Jeffrey has over 20 years of energy and environmental policy experience at Federal and State levels. He has been with GDF SUEZ for eleven years focused on retail and wholesale market design and development. Prior to that, Jeffrey spent nine years in Washington, DC where he worked at the US Department of Energy and as a lobbyist addressing Federal efforts at electricity market restructuring.

*Disclaimer. The views and opinions expressed by Andrew Weissman are for informational purposes only. No reliance may be placed on such information and GDF SUEZ makes no representation as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information therein. In no event shall GDF SUEZ or its directors, principals, agents, employees or representatives be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the use such information.