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VPrice™: Providing Historical, Current, and Future Energy Pricing to Support Stronger Energy Management Strategies

January 15, 2016

GDF SUEZ Energy Resources is offering large commercial and industrial customers an innovative new tool to help better assess risk exposure, plan daily operations, and take advantage of opportunities in the market.  It’s called VPrice™, and it’s designed to give consumers the insight into historical, current, and forecasted prices they need to build stronger – and smarter – energy management strategies. 

Here’s how it works:

Customers of GDF SUEZ Energy Resources are automatically eligible to enroll in the free, no-obligation service by completing the enrollment form available here.  Enrolled customers are provided with a login and password to access day-ahead and real-time reports on locational marginal pricing for the zone(s) of their choice. 

Users can stay current, with features updated multiple times a day and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  These include:

  • Heat map views of historical and forecasted day-ahead and real-time prices, up to six days ahead.  Normal pricing appears as green, but as prices move up to $75 per MWh, they become bright yellow.  Beyond that, they gradually change to red, making it easy to identify pockets of high prices.  Statistics above the heat map views provide quick access to the minimum, average, and maximum historical prices for the day, allowing users to compare the data with other trends.
  • A trend graph showing both historical and forecasted data for day-ahead and real-time locational marginal pricing in selected zone(s).  A “difference” comparison tool allows users to see how much higher one market has settled or is forecasted to settle in relation to another market.  Quick views are also available by day, week, and month.  
  • An export function for historical data to support additional analysis. 
“This new tool represents an easy, innovative opportunity for customers to put their finger on the pulse of energy pricing in the zones most relevant to their businesses,” said Victor Wulc, Sustainability Marketing Director.  “We’re hoping that customers see VPrice as the Dow Jones of the near-term electricity market. 

“When you grab your morning cup of coffee, you check VPrice to monitor movement in the market and plan your business operations accordingly.  And if you’re heavily indexed, you access VPrice at several points throughout the day to quickly spot buying and curtailment opportunities.  It delivers true, tangible value for every kind of customer – from large energy users to small commercial consumers – and for customers engaged in every kind of energy contract – from fixed-price to index plans.”

VPrice is part of the VPower™ group of services offered to customers of GDF SUEZ Energy Resources.  VPower is a subscriber service that combines hardware at the meter with online software to track consumption in real time and give users a wide range of insights so they can take advantage of cost-saving, energy-reducing opportunities.  

VPower offers more advanced energy management by bringing pricing and load data together with access to the wholesale power markets through features such as price alerts, load monitoring, and peak and demand management. 

Kevin Shannon, Sales Manager, Key Accounts Group said, “VPrice is yet another way we are providing our customers with a complete package of tools and information to manage energy risk, energy consumption, and energy spend. VPrice is a simple one stop portal for current, historical, and projected real time and day ahead pricing for zones across our deregulated foot print.  VPrice will allow customers to make tactical decisions about their operations to shape future business decisions. My favorite part about the tool is that it is simple and easy to use and provides real time and day ahead forecasts which can be invaluable to a customer with exposure to these markets.”

Find out how VPrice and VPower can deliver the essential data you need to realize bottom-line results. Contact your GDF SUEZ Energy Resources representative today.