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Weather Expert Takes Issue with Heat Wave Hype

August 12, 2019

AccuWeather produces weather content for more than 180,000 third-party websites and more than half of the Fortune 500. The organization claims to serve more than 1.5 billion people daily through radio, TV, smart phones, tables and other media. Now, their CEO and founder claims that heat waves are not increasingly common.

The Pennsylvania firm reports that New York City has not had a daily high temperature above 100 degrees since 2012, and it has had only five such days since 2002. From 1984 through 2001, New York had nine days at 100 degrees or higher. There were 12 days at 95 degrees or higher in 1999 alone.

More than half of the 50 states set their all-time high temperature records during the 1930s. An additional 11 state all-time high temperature records were set before 1930 and all-time high temperature records have not been exceeded for more than 75 years in 37 of 50 states.

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