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Welcome To The Energy Revolution: Putting Power Where It Belongs – In The Hands Of The Customer

May 16, 2017

Last week, ENGIE Resources unveiled a new initiative we call the Energy Revolution that seeks to change the conversation about how electricity is consumed.

At its core, this initiative reflects the fact that the energy economy and landscape are evolving, and that we as an industry must evolve with them in order to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities that are on the horizon. But to do that, we believe that the traditional power system model – in which energy is produced by large-scale infrastructure and delivered over large transmission lines – needs to be reconsidered.

Our vision, and the central theme of the Energy Revolution, is that the system must be more customer-centric. We’re not talking about what’s been done in the past – such as bundling non-core services like home security and HVAC programs, or luring customers with introductory rates that can only go up, and calling that “value.” Those are really all about the providers and how they can preserve their profits.

No, we are talking about making customers a key part of the energy equation, helping them to save energy and money without sacrificing the comfort and convenience that a reliable supply of power offers.

A key to this is moving away from our traditional strength of helping customers manage only price risk, which the industry has done very well, and toward helping them manage price and quantity risk; that is, concentrating not just on what they pay for power, but on how and when they consume power.

To do that will require that we no longer think of centralized generation as the only option, but to look at the “fringe of the grid” – the homes and businesses where electricity is actually consumed – and provide customers the tools and technologies they need to manage usage at their sites.

If we can make these changes, we’ll need less fossil fuel-generated power. We’ll make it easier to integrate renewables onto the grid. We’ll reduce the need for expensive infrastructure that ultimately comes at customer expense. We’ll minimize the carbon footprint associated with generation. And we’ll do it all while saving customers money and assuring that they get the power they need, when they need it, at an affordable price, without interruption.

We have developed a series of communications that explore the Energy Revolution in greater depth: a dedicated website,; a detailed white paper; a video featuring our president and chief executive officer Sayun Sukduang; and a news release announcing the program. In the coming months, we will be providing additional materials that discuss the benefits, rewards, and potential of our vision.

At ENGIE Resources, we believe the energy future is bright with possibility. By changing the customer’s relationship with electricity – and redefining our relationship with customers by putting power in their hands – that future will only get brighter.

We realize some people might say reducing the emphasis on sales alone and arguing against the construction of new plants and transmission lines might seem revolutionary. To which we respond:

Welcome to the revolution.