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Whitepaper: Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMI – Is a Fundamental Part of the Grid’s Evolution

November 14, 2017

The retail electricity landscape is becoming more and more complex, with the demands and expectations of all market participants continuing to grow. As the industry attempts to deal with the challenges – and maximize the opportunities – associated with this transition, it has begun to seek technology-enabled solutions designed to better engage customers. 

ENGIE Resources has been at the forefront of this effort with our Energy Revolution initiative, which focuses on providing the individuals and businesses we serve with the tools and resources they need to help reduce bills, ensure a secure supply, and mitigate the carbon footprint of electricity generation.

As part of this trend, the utility industry too, is redefining itself as a more customer-centric service sector whose traditional structure – the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity – is also undergoing a profound change. The new model seeks in part to foster improved communication between providers and end users through innovative technologies that encourage customers to make better, smarter decisions not only about what they pay for power, but also about when and how they consume that power.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMI, an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems – is a fundamental part of this system’s evolution, enabling customers to take a more central role in the electricity equation. Click here to learn how by reading the full whitepaper. 

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