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Whitepaper: How Manufacturers Can Keep the Energy Advantage Alive

July 10, 2018

The emergence of fracking in the United States has been a lifeline for manufacturers, driving down the price of gas and electricity to levels that are now 30 to 50 percent lower than other major exporting countries. The Boston Consulting Group estimates the average cost of domestic manufacturing is now only 5 percent higher than the cost to manufacture in China and is 10 to 20 percent lower than most major European economies.1

What’s even more striking: these numbers have the potential to fall even lower, with some analysts projecting the cost to manufacture in the United States to soon be 2 to 3 percent cheaper than in China.1  However, significant opportunity still remains to lower energy costs even further and capitalize on the country’s growing competitive advantage over its international counterparts.

The key is focusing on the hidden utility within the manufacturer in a way that delivers a low-risk, fast-track opportunity to realize significant economic benefits. The question is, how to do it?  Find out more by reading the full whitepaper, available here

1 “U.S. Manufacturing Costs are Almost as Low as China’s, and That’s a Very Big Deal,” Fortune