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Jun 18 2018

El Niño To Warm Winter Temperatures And Cool Energy Demand

NOAA scientists have issued an El Niño watch, predicting a 50 percent chance of conditions by fall, and a 65 percent chance by winter. The El Niño weather pattern is characterized by weakened surface winds and warmer temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, prompting warmer than average temperatures in the… Read more

Jun 12 2018

Did The Massachusetts DPU Misread The (Smart) Meter?

Last month, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) decided that the deployment of smart meters wasn’t a good idea at the moment, saying the costs outweighed the benefits and citing “weaknesses” in the business case behind the proposal. With all respect to DPU, we think that’s a missed… Read more

Jun 12 2018

Britain’s Wind Drought Pushes Power Prices to Record High

Britain’s nine-day wind drought is expected to continue for two weeks, causing power prices to reach the highest level in a decade. Though low wind power does not threaten supplies in June when demand is low, persistent deficits in wind generation could lead to increased grid vulnerability. Read more

Jun 12 2018

99 Problems: US Nuclear Plants

They cost up to $9 billion to build and boast concrete walls up to 12 feet thick. But the 99 operating nuclear power plants in the US are facing a nuclear winter. Read more

Jun 05 2018

Mysteries of the Market: Natural Gas Trading

Trading liquidity is often measured by trading volume and the number of participants. And narrow trading ranges and relatively low standard deviations make is less favorable for market participants to actively trade futures, reports Platts. Volatility has been low in recent weeks, but what about the… Read more