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Information Services

Information services enables cost and consumption reduction opportunities by measuring historical activity and providing insight into energy use, demand, and cost trends. These tools aggregate complex data in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon. 

Leverage insights to add clarity to demand response and other opportunities while establishing and tracking benchmarks for efficiency and cost performance.   

ENGIE 20/20

Get insight into your energy use, demand, and cost trends by benchmarking against user-defined key performance indicators, helping identify usage and demand anomalies that enable proactive action to control energy costs.

Virtual Energy Assessment

Understand how your business is consuming energy and the specific energy savings opportunities that may exist within your operations. Insights are delivered through a web-based portal with energy usage and savings analysis, portfolio and site planning, and spending and consumption trends. 

ENGIE Impact

Improve resource management with data collection and analytics that provide insight on curtailment opportunities for optimizing performance. Expense and data management reduces costs, improves on-time payments, and manages risks by streamlining variances in bill frequency, format, and detail.