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Off-site Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

ENGIE Resources is at the forefront of the Greentailer™ business model that applies the synergies of integrating retail supply with renewable generation.

ENGIE addresses customer sentiment that is trending away from thermal generation. In fact, ENGIE is the only top 5 C&I supplier in North America without significant merchant thermal generation. Inversely, ENGIE is the only major renewable developer, owner, and operator with a large C&I position.

ENGIE is bringing more opportunities to customers with aggressive renewable targets, bridging the gap between the traditional market offerings of standard renewable energy certificates (RECs) and long-term, complex power purchase agreements. With customer-centric solutions – including physical green supply – built to achieve specific sustainable objectives, ENGIE can develop the right renewable plan for your business. 


Use RECs to offset indirect greenhouse gas emissions and help fund the operation and development of domestic renewable energy. RECs represent the environmental attributes or benefits associated with a specific quantity of energy generated from a renewable source, such as solar or wind. See ENGIE’s impact in supplying RECs here.

Physical Green Supply

Contract physical volumes of renewable energy with easyRE, ENGIE’s physical green supply solution. Physical volumes, primarily wind or solar, are incorporated into traditional retail supply contracts along with RECs. Physical transactions enable marketing claims tied to a specific source (when possible), and firm volume and fixed-price offerings ensure predictability in month-to-month costs.

Custom Structured Solutions

ENGIE enables custom structured solutions through customRE, tailored strategies facilitated through traditional retail supply agreements with flexible contract terms. These can involve a range of services, including:

  • Risk management of price and volume exposure for power purchase agreements
  • Administration of scheduling, settlements, billing, and reporting for power purchase agreements
  • Management of accounting and compliance requirements, such as Dodd-Frank recordkeeping and reporting and FERC licensing, for power purchase agreements
  • Small-scale investments in new renewable construction, primarily solar 

Corporate PPA/VPPA

These long-term, off-site solar or wind solutions are flexible instruments that are aligned to sustainability strategies and customized to specific goals and objectives. Customers benefit from corporate tax incentives, contract value with MWh prices locked in over 12- to 15-year terms, regional economic development, and sustainability impact by developing renewable assets that would not otherwise exist.