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ENGIE 20/20 Reporting Platform

Simplify your energy reporting. Reduce your energy expenses. Increase your energy income.

ENGIE 20/20 is a market-leading energy data management platform that uses cloud-based software to collect, automize, and analyze utility invoices, energy metrics, and sustainability data.

Features include

  • View energy spend across an entire portfolio, or drill-down to view account-level data for one site;
  • Receive insight into your energy use, demand, and cost trends by benchmarking against key performance indicators;
  • Identify usage and demand anomalies that allow you to take proactive action and control energy costs;
  • Your team gets notified of anomalies to help alert and determine the cause.

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Proactive Insight into Controlling Energy Spend

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Create custom dashboards with different widgets and KPIs and share them across various teams and business units


Invoice Management

  • Auditing and data checks, with ability to set alerts
  • Access to invoice images and all line items
  • Built-in asset and property characteristics
  • View peak demand summaries, ICAP and PLC tags, and different invoice summaries that may include use per day, cost per day, demand, and cost per unit


  • Custom Reports with the ability to automate: Position Report, Bill Component Report
  • See the breakdown of supply and transmission costs over time as well as a summary of all properties
  • Generate multiple reports on demand to analyze trends, performance variance, and more
  • Track year-to-year, year-to-date, month over month overviews

To learn more, view our brochure or contact us to request a demo.