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ENGIE 20/20 Reporting Platform

Proactive Insight into Controlling Energy Spend

ENGIE 20/20 provides insight into your energy use, demand, and cost trends by benchmarking against user-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—helping identify usage and demand anomalies that allow you to take proactive action and control energy costs. ENGIE 20/20 then notifies your ENGIE account team of these anomalies, so they can alert you and help determine the cause.

The online ENGIE 20/20 platform provides a view of your aggregated energy spend across your entire portfolio, or a drill-down to view account-level data for one site.

Provides customer insight into:

  • Energy use and spend over time
  • Energy use and spend over KPIs
  • Energy use benchmarking for facilities within a customer’s portfolio
  • Portfolio analysis to identify the best facility to invest in energy efficiency projects
  • Emissions performance across the portfolio

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