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Risk Appetite Report

Apr 15 2024

PJM Trend Marches On

March may be over, but the trend for PJM marches on. For the fourth consecutive week, buyers and brokers in PJM asked for relatively more pricing requests with some market-based risk. Read more

Mar 25 2024

Risk on in PJM

Buyers and brokers in PJM own the honors this week as market participants with the greatest interest in pricing with market-based risk. Read more

Mar 18 2024

Elevated Interest

NEPOOL buyers and brokers backed off this week, and all other regions increased their interest in pricing requests that included some measure of market-based risk. Read more

Feb 12 2024

PJM Stays Hungry

Market participants with PJM pricing requests once again showed the healthiest appetite for some market-based risk. Read more