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Risk Appetite Report

Mar 19 2019

Risk Appetites Down or Flat

PJM customers stand alone this week as the only ones with a significant shift in risk appetite as they reduced interested in index or flex products by four percent. Read more

Feb 26 2019

Texas, New York Lead Week in Risk Tolerance

Buyers in ERCOT took the top honors for the week in terms of risk appetite. More than one-quarter of the load that ENGIE was asked to price was for index or flex products versus fixed price. NYISO customers also showed an increased interest in market risk for the week. Read more

Feb 19 2019

Risk Off: Customers Look to Fixed Pricing

Customers in all four markets showed a decreased interest in risk this week. ERCOT buyers made the most dramatic move as they asked ENGIE to price 79% of their load at fixed levels versus 75% in the prior week. Read more

Feb 13 2019

Does Latitude Drive Risk Attitude?

The week-over-week appetite for risk followed a latitudinal pattern. ERCOT and PJM buyers demonstrated a moderate increase in index or flex products this week and their counterparts farther North in NEPOOL and NYISO were more interested in fixed prices. The volume priced was on the high side. Read more

Feb 05 2019

Buyers “Flex” Their Risk Muscles

For the first time since the customer risk appetite report was created, customers in three markets demonstrated appetites for 20% or more of their load at non-fixed prices. Other than PJM, index and flex products have been relatively popular this week and last. Read more

Jan 15 2019

Risk Appetite Wanes From North to South

NYISO and NEPOOL decision-makers remain the most interested in price risk. ERCOT buyers more than doubled their interest in price risk while PJM increased slightly and NEPOOL was unchanged week-over-week. Read more