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Risk Appetite Report

Jan 15 2019

Risk Appetite Wanes From North to South

NYISO and NEPOOL decision-makers remain the most interested in price risk. ERCOT buyers more than doubled their interest in price risk while PJM increased slightly and NEPOOL was unchanged week-over-week. Read more

Dec 04 2018

Risk Appetite: ERCOT Buyers Looking for Bargains

ERCOT prices are in a neutral trend and NYISO and PJM are uptrend. This could help explain the divergence we see in the risk appetite report as ERCOT buyers took a “risk on” approach this week while their counterparts to the North chose to back off. Read more

Nov 06 2018

Risk Appetite: The NYISO State of Mind

NYISO buyers showed the biggest appetite for risk this week at 25%. In fact, going back to January 2017, NYISO pricing requests have only consistently shown an appetite at this level one other time. That was the last week in August of 2017. Read more