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Risk Appetite Report

Nov 11 2019

Risk Appetite Report: ERCOT Makes Most News

After taking last week off, ERCOT buyers are right back on top of the headlines. Buyers in this market reduced their appetite for risk by dropping from a 15% ratio to 9%. In other words, ERCOT decision makers asked for pricing requests on fixed price products for 91% of the overall volume that was priced. Read more

Nov 04 2019

NYISO Grabs Risk Headline from ERCOT

After several weeks where ERCOT buyers made the most news with their risk appetite, it was NYISO with the most dramatic action this week. NYISO buyers took a turn to risk-off as they reduced their interest in index/flex pricing solutions in favor of more fixed price products. ERCOT buyers reversed course… Read more

Oct 28 2019

Disappearing Act for ERCOT Risk

Buyers in ERCOT did an about face this week as they took a dramatic risk-off approach to commodity buying. The drop from a 22% to 7% ratio of index/flex to fixed pricing requests is a significant week-over-week shift. Read more

Oct 21 2019

ERCOT Risk Appetite Jumps

Buyers in ERCOT made the most news this week as they increased their interest in pricing on index and/or flex pricing solutions from 17% to 22%. There were minor increases in risk appetite in NYISO and NEPOOL while PJM decision-makers held steady. Read more

Oct 14 2019

Risk Appetite: Three of a Kind

Three out of four markets are showing the same level of risk appetite. Buyers in NYISO, ERCOT and PJM asked for pricing on index and/or flex pricing solutions this past week that represented 17% of overall volume. NEPOOL was the outlier at only 11%. Read more

Sep 30 2019

Double Digit Risk Appetite Remains for PJM, ERCOT

A risk appetite trend is emerging. Customers in NEPOOL and NYISO are consistently showing an overall interest in index and/or flex pricing solutions for about 10% of the volume they submit for quotes. Customers in PJM and ERCOT have nearly double that appetite for risk and have been at or beyond 20%… Read more

Sep 23 2019

ERCOT, PJM Buyers Maintain Risk Appetite

The appetite for risk continues to exceed 20% in both ERCOT and PJM. Buyers in these two regions requested quotes that represent 23% or more of overall pricing requests in index and/or flex solutions. Read more

Sep 16 2019

PJM Buyers Share Texas Risk Profile

Electricity buyers in PJM joined their ERCOT peers this week with a relatively high interest in market risk. It is the third consecutive week that ERCOT buyers have requested quotes that represent 20% or more of overall pricing requests in index and or flex solutions, but the first time at this level… Read more

Aug 26 2019

Risk Appetite: PJM Bucks Trend

Electricity buyers in PJM showed an increased interest in index and flex type products while customers in the other three markets served by ENGIE reduced interest in favor of fixed price solutions. Read more