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Aug 20 2019

Towers of Power: Gravity to the Rescue

A European start-up is developing commercial-scale energy vaults that are designed to rival battery storage techniques. The vaults use a crane to lift heavy bricks into a tower formation when there is excess power on the grid. When power is needed, the crane lowers bricks back down to the ground using… Read more

Aug 20 2019

Natural Gas Seven on Seven

ERCOT's natural gas power burn surpassed 7 bcfd on August 7 according to Platts Analytics. If you're looking for a national comparison, it's Italy. Read more

Aug 20 2019

Texas Makes Heat Wave History

Power demand in Texas set a record last week and real time prices soared to more than $9,000/MWh. Conditions prompted ERCOT to issue an emergency alert, calling on power plants to ramp up and asking end users to conserve. Read more

Aug 20 2019

States Can't Shake the Bake

July temps for the U.S. L48 were 74.6°F, 1.0°F above the 20th century average, ranking in the upper third of the 125-year record. This tied with 1917 as the 27th warmest July for the contiguous United States. Read more

Aug 12 2019

NYISO Carbon Pricing Plan Could Challenge FERC

NYISO is preparing to ask FERC to approve a plan to put a price on CO2 emissions. The ISO would incorporate the social cost of carbon emissions into wholesale energy markets. Carbon pricing is positioned as a key component to help New York meet its 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040 goal. Read more

Aug 12 2019

The Answer IS Blowing in the Wind

The American Wind Energy Association reports that demand from utilities and the Fortune 500 have taken wind power capacity and development to record levels. Read more

Aug 12 2019

Weather Expert Takes Issue with Heat Wave Hype

AccuWeather produces weather content for more than 180,000 third-party websites and more than half of the Fortune 500. The organization claims to serve more than 1.5 billion people daily through radio, TV, smart phones, tables and other media. Read more

Aug 12 2019

Houston: Triple Digits Abound

The Houston region has hit the century mark in a couple of ways. Temperatures have reached 100° F with accompanying heat index levels that were above 100 multiple times during the past week. Read more