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Dec 02 2019

Hello Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the world's most abundant element and could play a big role in a sustainable energy future. A report cited by Bloomberg positions hydrogen as the most practical way to generate the 1,000 degree temperatures that are needed by heavy industrial processes. Hydrogen is abundant in the environment.… Read more

Dec 02 2019

Factory Activity Surges in November

The U.S. Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index jumped to 52.2 in November, the highest reading in seven months. According to EIA, industrial customers form an important gas-use sector, using gas to fire boilers for steam, direct heating for melting, baking or drying, and operating combined heat and… Read more

Dec 02 2019

Ready for NYISO Annual Highs?

With prices at less than $25.00/MWh in NYISO Zone J and Zone G, it may be hard to imagine daily average day ahead prices at 10X these levels. However, we are approaching the months where these zones see their annual highs. Read more

Dec 02 2019

Coal's New Kingdom

There are no new coal-fired power generation plants under construction or planned in the U.S. and coal power capacity has been declining each year since 2011. Read more

Nov 25 2019

Report: Climate Change will Clobber U.S. Economy

A report from the Economist estimates that climate change will shrink the U.S. economy by 11% by 2050. As bad as that may sound, the U.S. fares better than Western Europe which is estimated to drop 17% over the same period. Read more

Nov 25 2019

Meteorologists Deliver a Mixed Bag

The latest 8-14 day outlook from NOAA shows a mixed bag of forecast weather across retail regions served by ENGIE. From above normal temps in ERCOT, to normal in PJM mid Atlantic and colder than normal in NYISO and NEPOOL, this forecast covers the spectrum. Read more

Nov 25 2019

How Low Can Natural Gas Go?

A cold start to November has not been enough to support CME NYMEX Henry Hub spot natural gas prices. Last year, the benchmark was $2.00 more than current price action as it hit a five-year high of $4.72/mmbtu on November 28, 2018. That’s a far cry from today’s circa $2.60/mmbtu. Read more