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Sep 20 2021

Europe’s Energy Crunch

If you think the price of electricity is high and volatile in your jurisdiction, you have company across the Atlantic. Read more

Sep 13 2021

Henry Hub Hits $5

Henry Hub spot natural prices have traded above $5.00/mmbtu since Wednesday, September 8. Read more

Sep 13 2021

It’s Official: Hottest Summer Ever

NOAA has confirmed that this summer was the hottest on record. The period from June thru September exceeded the record heat of the 1936 “dust bowl” by less than .01°. Read more

Sep 13 2021

PJM Peak Prices Soar

According to ICE data published by EIA, PJM WH peak prices in September are the highest in five years. Read more

Sep 07 2021

Offshore Wind and New England

No region in the U.S. stands to gain as much from offshore wind as New England. Massachusetts has the potential to generate the most offshore wind of any state. Read more

Sep 07 2021

PJM Traders Make Long Case

Non-commercial traders of PJM West HUB RT Futures are 84% overall net long. This time last year, they were 72% net long, according to the CFTC Commitments of Traders Report. Read more

Sep 07 2021

Nat Gas Climb Continues

Hurricane Ida knocked out 94% of offshore Gulf of Mexico gas production last week. The Gulf produces about 5% of U.S. natural gas. Read more

Aug 30 2021

Peak Demand Records Fall

EIA reports that new 12-month high daily peak demand levels were recorded on June 29 in ISONE, NYISO, and PJM. Daily peak demand was 6%-37% higher in June from May on all selected electricity systems. Read more