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Jan 21 2020

Nat Gas Sinks to New Low

The prospect of sub $2.00/mmbtu natural gas in mid January may be difficult for many market followers to grasp. Regardless, it became reality last week as the NYMEX Henry Hub benchmark fell to a 52-week low. Winter storm Jacob was not enough to overcome four consecutive weeks of mild weather across most… Read more

Jan 21 2020

Can You Catch a Trend in Power Markets?

Courtesy of The Schork Group and ENGIE's At The Market weekly report, the week-over-week table below offers trend direction and potential price reversals based on a Parabolic SAR indicator combined with proprietary techniques. Read more

Jan 21 2020

Energy Professionals to Meet in Dallas

Join The Energy Professionals Association at its upcoming meeting in Dallas on January 23. ENGIE is proud to sponsor this nonprofit association that is instrumental in providing market knowledge to help Texas consumers. Read more

Jan 21 2020

Carbon Capture Projects Wait for Tax Guidance

Tax equity investors require a high level of certainty on the availability of tax credits when they invest. This reality has run into a delay regarding carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. In 2018, the U.S. Congress added tax credits related to CCS with a promise of specific tax guidance before… Read more

Jan 21 2020

20169 Was Quite a Year

2019 is over and it was a newsworthy 12 months for energy. However, a few summaries of 2019 are drawing parallels to 2016. Read more

Jan 10 2020

What Would Fracking Ban Look Like?

As major U.S. elections draw closer, fracking bans are floated and gaining headlines. Are there reliable projections of what such a ban would do to natural gas prices? Read more

Jan 10 2020

Natural Gas Not on Tight Schedule

“Tight” supply demand balances typically bring high prices and volatility. As of last week’s draw of 44 bcf from U.S. natural gas in storage has confirmed the bear for many. The EIA reports that stocks are 521 bcf higher than last year at this point. As a result, spot prices continue to languish just… Read more