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Fixed Price Commercial Electricity Plans

When certainty is your primary objective, our fixed-price electricity plans deliver the security you need to keep your budget on track.

Whether you have tightly defined budgets or procure energy for a risk averse organization, fixed price electricity plans from ENGIE can help you meet your goals.

Once we understand your company’s electricity needs, we can present you with a range of contract terms, each with a fixed price that will remain in effect for the length of the contract. No need to understand complex market movements. Just simple, straightforward prices you can depend on.

Contact us and see which plan is right for you.

Fixed with Full Requirements
Our simplest and most straightforward plan, the Fixed with Full Requirements option combines everything into one simple, comprehensive, easy to understand price per kWh (or MWh). Electricity costs, including energy and additional costs related to grid reliability, are secured for the contract term.

Best For: Customers who require the highest degree of budget certainty through all aspects of their commercial electricity plan.

Defining Features:

  • Fixed supply price for budget certainty
  • No surprises or additional charges on your bill

Fixed with Limited Pass Through
Those customers who understand the cost components of electricity pricing know that energy is the largest price component with the highest volatility. Additional market-based costs related to grid reliability on average are smaller and less volatile. If securing a fixed price for energy while making other cost components visible, and allowing them to change with the market or regulatory forces fits into your budget, this is the commercial electricity plan for you. As with all our fixed price plans, your electricity supply price per kWh or MWh remains the same throughout your contract. However, market-based charges associated with grid reliability are passed directly through to you.

Best For: Customers who desire overall budget certainty, but can accept minor risk in exchange for greater cost transparency.

Defining Features:

  • Fixed supply price for budget certainty
  • Market-based grid reliability costs are passed through at cost