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ENGIE is at the forefront of a new business model that applies the synergies of integrating retail supply with renewable generation. The “greentailer™” model addresses customer sentiment that is trending away from thermal generation. In fact, ENGIE is the only top 5 C&I supplier in North America without significant merchant thermal generation. Inversely, ENGIE is the only major renewable developer, owner, and operator with a large C&I position.

ENGIE is proud to be a leading provider of energy services in Ohio. We offer a range of supply, demand and financial solutions to commercial and industrial customers. ENGIE offers a portfolio of solutions that address the complete energy value chain, offering answers to the four major questions:

  • How much you pay
  • How you use it
  • How it is sourced
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Not all green and clean energy is equal. We focus on renewable sources including biomass, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and supply sources that do not include the mining of finite resources or result in hazardous waste disposal.

Leading the Zero Carbon Transition
ENGIE develops, owns, and operates large-scale wind and solar energy projects throughout the US. Our portfolio exceeds 4 GW, and future plans call for the development of up to 4 GW annually.

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ENGIE Resources is proud to serve as the retail energy supplier to a consortium that lowers energy costs and the cost of energy procurement for school districts and private schools in Ohio. More than 180 districts that participate in the Power4Schools buying group have realized savings thanks to a unique partnership between Econergy, the Ohio Schools Council, the Ohio Association of School Business Officers, the Ohio School Boards Association, and the Buckeye Association of School Administrators.

The Ohio State Energy Partners
ENGIE North America and Axium Infrastructure joined forces in 2017 to form Ohio State Energy Partners. The partnership operates the systems that heat, cool and distribute power to the university’s Columbus campus. ENGIE as the operator of these important functions, is responsible for the resiliency and reliability of utilities for main campus.

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Ohio State gets a big upfront payment of $1.1 billion. It also gets an industry leader to run its energy systems, invest in energy efficiency improvements, and a partner for energy research.

Since 2003, ENGIE has served a portfolio of more than 26,000 retail commercial and industrial customers across Ohio. We work with customers to identify a supply solution to address unique energy market characteristics in addition to individual risk tolerances and other strategic considerations. As a result, our client base reflects a spectrum of load profiles and products including fixed, index and “easy flex.”

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Leading the Zero Carbon Transition
ENGIE develops, owns, and operates large-scale wind energy projects throughout the US. Our portfolio includes more than 4 GW of renewable generation operating in North America with 12 GW of projects in development. In 2021, we brought an additional 1 GW of clean energy resources online. Our total generation capacity in North America is 76% green, including 500 distributed solar and solar-storage projects in the U.S.

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