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Flex Price Commercial Electricity Plans

These plans combine the certainty of fixed price plans with the flexibility to take advantage of beneficial market movements.

Between the two extremes of fixed price and float price commercial electricity plans are flex price plans—combining the ability to fix certain portions of your load for price security while allowing you to float other portions so that you can take advantage of market movements.

These electricity plans are the ultimate hybrid and allow for a unique layered approach that’s more secure than a float plan, but more flexible than a fixed plan.

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Easy Flex
An alternative to the Block and Index product, Easy Flex combines the freedom of index market pricing with the certainty of locking in a fixed price for up to 100% of your usage. With the Price Lock feature, you can make multiple fixed-price percentage purchases using the “dollar-cost-average” approach to find the price certainty you’re looking for.

Best For: Customers who want to maximize flexibility while retaining the ability to lock in fixed pricing for 20% to 100% of their spend.

Defining Features:

  • Leverage index pricing without sacrificing the ability to lock in 100% of your usage
  • Multiple Price locks allow you to “dollar-cost-average” your way to a fixed position

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Block and Index
With our Block and Index plan, you can lock in certain portions of your electricity demand. Remaining demand is then purchased at the market index rate, which allows you to take advantage of falling market prices. This gives you the ability to layer different pricing strategies together to create the best mix of stability and opportunity for your company.

Best For: Customers who need a degree of certainty, but want to maintain the flexibility to float a portion of their load on the index when market prices are advantageous.

Defining Features:

  • Independently fix specific portions of your electricity load for budget certainty
  • Let the price of the remaining load float to take advantage of market opportunities

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Heat Rate
If you want the ability to fix the price for portions of your load on an ongoing basis to respond to natural gas market movements, this is your plan. It’s similar to a Block and Index plan, except that you fix the price of portions of your load based on specific natural gas prices, not simply on load requirements. This helps you avoid locking into extended high-price positions lets you take advantage of price drops.

Best For: Customers who understand how to take advantage of natural gas market movements and desire a greater degree of certainty than pure float-price plans.

Defining Features:

  • Fix portions of your electricity load based on natural gas price movements
  • Let the price of the remaining load float to take advantage of gas market opportunities

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