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Apr 22 2022

Knoll Selects ENGIE North America to Source Renewable Hydro Energy

Knoll announced today, as part of MillerKnoll, Inc. (NASDAQ: MLKN) that it has entered into a two-year agreement with ENGIE Resources LLC, a subsidiary of ENGIE North America, to purchase renewable energy from the Brookfield Renewable U.S. Smoky Mountain Hydropower Project in NC and TN. This renewable… Read more

Apr 12 2022

Ndustrial Unveils Energy Industry’s First Platform

Ndustrial, the only production-first Energy Intensity software platform, today announced it has eliminated barriers to Demand Response (DR) adoption with the introduction of its advanced Energy Intensity platform which augments and automates legacy control systems in near real time to reduce peak load… Read more

Apr 27 2020

Villanova Announces Renewable Energy Deal with ENGIE Resources

Villanova University is furthering its commitment to environmental sustainability through a new multi-year renewable electric energy agreement with ENGIE Resources. The university called the transaction its most significant step in its climate action plan. Fifty percent of the approximately 52,000 MWh… Read more

Aug 01 2019

Maryland Renewable Energy Standard and Pre-Existing Contracts

Maryland’s Clean Energy Jobs Act is making the state a true leader in the fight against climate change. But when the act becomes law on Oct. 1, customers could see a significant cost increase in energy bills. Businesses have a limited time to act before prices go up. Find out how ENGIE can help. Read more