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Historical Energy Pricing Information

The best way to understand what’s ahead is to understand the past. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive collection of historical energy pricing data and reports. With them, you can spot trends and make more informed commercial energy decisions.

Use these reports to uncover daily, weekly and monthly energy pricing trends and turns in the market so you can make smart energy decisions.


These reports allow you to get a broader look at long-term commercial energy price trends over time for big picture strategic energy decisions.


Disclaimer: The information contained in these reports is gathered from public and/or internal sources and is presented solely for the convenience of our customers and website viewers. ENGIE Resources makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information set forth in this report, and ENGIE Resources shall not have any liability to any person or entity resulting from use of this information in any way. Due to technical issues, there may be a delay of one to two business days for the historical data to publish for each ISO. Many, readily-available data sources only offer a five-year window. Although we publish data beyond a five-year period, the availability of data exceeding this range is inconsistent and unreliable.