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Date Topic Action
Tuesday, 02/13/24

Setting The Stage For Energy Markets

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Tuesday, 11/14/23

America’s Energy Greentailer™: Sustainable Products

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Tuesday, 09/12/23

Exploring Market Conditions and Opportunities

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Wednesday, 06/14/23

Talking Hedges in Volatile Markets

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Tuesday, 02/14/23

The New Normal of Energy Markets

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Tuesday, 09/21/22

Picking up the Pieces in a Volatile Market

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Tuesday, 04/12/22

The State of PJM

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Tuesday, 02/08/22

3 Ms: Masterplan, Manage, and Monetize Energy with ENGIE Flexibility

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Thursday, 01/06/22

Electrify: Energy Flexibility and Resiliency

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Tuesday, 12/07/21

Global Transitions: Cold Chain Challenges and Opportunities

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