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Oct 27 2020

Nat Gas: See Spot Run

NYMEX Henry Hub natural gas spot prices settled above $3.00/mmbtu last week. That isn’t normally a newsworthy post in late October. Read more

Oct 27 2020

Changes in Connecticut Clean Energy Marketing

The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority will implement new standards for the marketing of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Suppliers may not market products as “renewable energy” unless the offer is supported by an ownership interest in or PPA for a renewable resource used to serve the… Read more

Oct 20 2020

Zero Carbon: A Taxing Question

According to the Tax Foundation, economists have long argued that a well-designed carbon tax is the most economically-efficient way to reduce carbon emissions. Estimates put the proceeds at nearly $2 trillion over a decade. However, a carbon tax could take on one of many forms. Read more

Oct 20 2020

Hottest September Since 1880

Sustained high temps around the world in September 2020 made it the hottest September since 1880, according to scientists at NOAA. September’s performance helped make year-to-date 2020 the second highest in the 141-year climate record. Read more

Oct 20 2020

Who’s Back? Community Activity Index Ranks Returns to Normal

The Burbio Community Activity Index measures in-person community events held by libraries, governments, arts and recreation, chambers of commerce, and civic and volunteer groups. The index provides a unique look at how regions are returning to normal in the age of COVID-19. Read more