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Dec 01 2020

Groups Pen GHG Letter to President-Elect

A group of nearly 30 industry and non-government organizations have sent a letter to President-elect Joe Biden urging new funding and legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Dec 01 2020

Consumer Confidence Slips

The latest Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index fell month-over-month from 101.4 to 96.1. The drop indicates slowing growth in 4Q. Read more

Dec 01 2020

First Dose of Winter Arrives

The first significant snowfall with accompanying strong winds is forecast for the Great Lakes and Northeast this week. The forecast is good news for gas bulls as this winter has thus delivered a deficit of Heating Degree Days compared to historic norms. Read more

Nov 17 2020

ERCOT Makes a Move

Supply pricing requests for ERCOT had the biggest move this week, climbing from a 4% interest in index/flex products to 12%. Read more

Nov 17 2020

EIA: Gas Bull Looms

EIA forecasts that U.S. working natural gas in storage is poised to swing from a surplus to the five-year average to a deficit before the heating season ends in March. Read more