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Mar 30 2020

We ARE Splitting Atoms

With several states adding “carbon free” generation to the technologies that are included in Renewable Portfolio Standards, it’s time to take a look at nuclear generation. Read more

Mar 30 2020

Weak Winter Winds Down

Globally, this past winter was the second warmest in 141 years according to NOAA. Only the winter of 2016 was warmer. Read more

Mar 30 2020

Can We Bet On a Summer Breeze in Texas?

ERCOT has seen additional summer capacity of 513 MW added since December 2019. About 348 MW of this total is wind. Will the market benefit from this capacity or will the historic intermittent nature of wind power be a factor in the summer of 2020? Read more

Mar 30 2020

Gas Traders Expand Bearish View

Lower natural gas prices are ahead if you place any credence in positions held by major traders. As of last week’s CFTC Commitment of Traders report, major traders are net long 55% versus 49% one year ago in the three dominant futures and options contracts. In brief, traders hold more positions to buy… Read more

Mar 30 2020

Unusual Fundamentals Welcome April

US natural gas stocks are 888 bcf above last year at this point and are set to enter the injection season at 2,000 bcf. It’s the first time in three years that we enter the cooling season (injections) with stocks that are above the five-year average. Read more

Mar 23 2020

COVID-19 and CO2

Is the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions having an impact on CO2 emissions? Read more