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Feb 17 2020

Nat Gas Market Continues to Stay Irrational

As per the EIA natural gas storage report last week, U.S. inventory has a four-week simple moving average (SMA) surplus of 215 bcf versus the five-year average and the SMA four-week Henry Hub NYMEX benchmark is $1.90/mmbtu over the period. Read more

Feb 17 2020

Some Green on the Screen

The latest week-over-week trend direction from Stephen Schork, CTA, shows a mixed bag of bullish and bearish bias in competitive power markets. Read more

Feb 10 2020

U.S. Nukes Abnormally Available

As if a mild winter, ample production and inventory, and reduced demand for exports isn’t enough to put downward pressure on natural gas and ultimately electricity prices, the U.S. nuclear complex has been abnormally available. Read more

Feb 10 2020

Corona Virus Hits U.S. Nat Gas Markets

Suppliers of U.S. LNG exports may face shut-ins as the knock-on effect of the coronavirus in China hits the North American natural gas market. The virus has led to lower industrial production and ultimately less demand for natural gas across China, providing further downward pressure on prices. Read more