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ENGIE is proud to be a leading provider of industrial and commercial energy services in Illinois since 2005. We focus on renewable sources including biomass, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and supply sources that do not include the mining of finite resources or result in hazardous waste disposal.

Not all green and clean energy is equal. More and more businesses are interested in the delivery of clean, reliable power with solar, battery storage, and backup generation opportunities.

ENGIE Serves Illinois

Illinois Commercial Energy & Electricity Provider

ENGIE designs and builds energy programs that modernize infrastructure, improve efficiency, and achieve environmental goals for public sector customers.

  • 111 buildings of Illinois public educational space totaling almost 7 million square feet
  • $164,752,859 annual total net operational savings (utilities, repair, maintenance, life-cycle cost avoidance) from Illinois public educational customers

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Leading brands turn to ENGIE for zero-carbon transition support

Customer sentiment is trending away from thermal generation - as America's Energy “Greentailer,™” ENGIE addresses this trend. Businesses utilizing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) benefit from state incentives and federal tax credits as well as greater control over energy costs.

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Make a Strong Sustainability Statement

Whether your goal is to support the development of new renewable assets or position your brand as a sustainability leader, ENGIE can put you on the right path to achieving your objectives.

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Leading the Zero Carbon Transition

ENGIE North America is a retail energy provider serving more than 50,000 commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in the U.S. Our suite of sustainability solutions helps customers make dramatic contributions to the low carbon transition. Our solutions on behalf of customers have supported CO2 emissions avoidance by more than 31,475,454 metric tons of carbon.

America's Energy Greentailer