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Energy Plans for National Accounts

Looking for a business electricity provider to power multiple sites across the United States? ENGIE Resources will work with your centralized procurement team in customizing an offer tailored to your facilities and energy needs.

ENGIE Resources serves over half the Fortune 100™ companies. The nation's largest corporations partner with our National Accounts team to develop, refine, manage, and execute a comprehensive, optimized approach to buying and managing energy.

Procurement Strategy
Our experts work with you at the enterprise level to understand your key business drivers and help determine if your current procurement strategy is consistent with these underlying variables. Then we use that data to help design a procurement strategy that fits the needs of your organization.

Dedicated Resources
Get a main point of contact for easier management of complex energy portfolios—while maintaining close regional support. Every National Accounts buyer is assigned a team of energy experts that comprises the following members:

  • National Account Sales Director: Works with you at the corporate level to understand business drivers and develop a national approach toward energy management.
  • Account Manager: Provides post-sale support to ensure premium customer service and consistent, quality communications.
  • Supply Strategist: Works with you and the National Account team to gain a deep understanding of your unique load characteristics. This consistency allows for the most aggressive pricing possible.
  • Regional Sales Expert: Supports the team as the regional subject matter expert and allows us to provide a local presence regardless of where your facilities are located.

Wider Product Selection
As a National Accounts customer, you have access to the widest range of products available, including data and load response programs, energy and environmental services, solar, and battery storage. In fact, many of our National Accounts buyers drive the development of new products. And all National Accounts customers receive this world-class service and support, which means the vast majority of them renew with us when their contract term expires.

For more information, contact jay.bell@engie.com or call 888.ENGIE.44.