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Data and Load Response Programs

Temporarily share your capacity and help improve the sustainability and reliability of the electricity grid in your area by participating in these programs. These voluntary programs, combined with the ENGIE licensed analytical software, enable businesses like yours to be compensated for using less electricity during specific time periods. Learn more about the software and information services.

Such strategic and short-term reductions in consumption are triggered by specific demand conditions such as peak loads, reliability concerns or high prices. A number of regions offer financial incentives for participation. Your facility could potentially become a new revenue stream simply by adopting modified power usage guidelines with your facility manager.

Defining Features:

  • Ease strain on the grid at peak times
  • Improve system reliability
  • Conserve energy for improved sustainability
  • Cut down on unplanned outages (ensuring business continuity)
  • Keep peak prices lower

ENGIE teams with Viridity Energy
ENGIE, in collaboration with a clean energy leader, can support creation of custom load reduction and control strategy for your enterprise—determining how you can reduce your load without unacceptable impact to your operation. Working with Viridity Energy, we can help facilitate curtailed energy usage and lower total energy costs, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

A number of our customers have given us positive feedback on this progressive initiative. Our partners can provide logistical, technical and sales support for ENGIE customers in the ERCOT, ISO-NE, NYISO and PJM markets.

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  • Real Time Metering
  • Historical Interval Data Analysis
  • Load Management Response and Revenue Creation

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