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Be a Better Buyer: Understanding Supplier Pricing Tactics in PJM.

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For all the uncertainty driving today’s complex energy environment, there are two things buyers can almost certainly expect: Supplier product offerings may not always be as straightforward as they seem. And the lowest-priced proposal may not always result in the lowest cost outcome. 

Join us on April 19th at 11 a.m. (CST) to hear from industry experts Danielle R. Wilks and Ken MacMahon during an exclusive ENGIE webinar: Be a Better Buyer: Understanding Supplier Pricing Tactics in PJM.

This session will provide buyers with the insight they need to recognize certain pricing tactics and truly delineate which product – and supplier – is delivering the best value. 

Webinar Topics Include

  • Capacity cost components
  • Transmission variables
  • Energy price factors
  • Regulatory changes

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Market Updates by Danielle R. Wilks
Regional Vice President, PJM, Mid-Atlantic, ENGIE Resources

With more than two decades of energy experience with a primary focus on competitive wholesale and retail markets, Danielle brings a unique understanding of large C&I electric clients issues and the development of structured risk-management programs and energy-procurement strategies. She oversees customer and third-party relationships in PA, MD, NJ, DEL and D.C.

Regulatory Updates by Ken MacMahon
Director of Supply, PJM, ENGIE Resources

Ken oversees pricing, structuring, and portfolio management for seven Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio and Illinois. He has been with ENGIE since the retail business was created in 2002, and has lead the PJM desk since 2007. Ken holds a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago.