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CEO Addresses the Future of Retail Energy

September 19, 2022

2022, 2023, 2024

While we help our customers achieve their energy transition, we see some transition operating on the energy markets. ENGIE Resources CEO Sayun Sukduang discussed this dynamic and the future of retail energy in the CEO roundtable at the EMC18 Conference in New York last week.

Drivers have changed over time with an important shift to decentralization, with multiple factors having major impacts on the balance of the grid. While matching supply with demand has historically relied on physical assets, it is now challenged by a multitude of new renewable assets with production intermittency, critical weather conditions that impact assets, customer needs, and technology disruption that allows customers to easily adapt consumption. Additionally, geopolitics and national energy security considerations generate high volatility and additional risks. All of these components shape the future of retail energy.