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Eggs Rally 229%

February 27, 2023

Present, Past, Future The Schork Report

On February 14, Stephen Schork, editor of The Schork Report and ENGIE's At The Market newsletter, talked about the economy, geopolitics as a cost driver in the US natural gas market, and volatility in the oil and gas markets. He pointed out that eggs have rallied 229%. In January 2021 a worker could work 1 hour for what they were getting paid and buy 17 cartons of eggs. In January 2022 that same worker could only buy 6 cartons of eggs. Schork points out that the market’s extreme volatility presents opportunities to lock in forward output and demand. Listen to “The New Normal of Energy Markets” with Schork and ENGIE’s Tim Payne and then contact your ENGIE representative to discuss your hedging opportunity.

To listen: