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Event: Setting The Stage For Energy Markets

February 05, 2024

Setting the Stage for Energy Markets

A few weeks ago natural gas spot prices topped $3.00/mmbtu for the first time since mid-November 2023 and hit $3.31/mmbtu on January 12, 2024. However, supply is bouncing back. Temperatures have moderated. Spot prices have plummeted to circa $2.00/mmbtu by Groundhog Day.  Which way is the marketing headed?

Join us for a webinar discussion on market direction. Stephen Schork, editor of The Schork Report and ENGIE's At The Market newsletter, will join ENGIE’s Ann Harris, Chris D’Auito, and Suzanne Greene to discuss the factors affecting the energy market and a probabilistic forecast.

February 13, 2024

1:30 pm CST 

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