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Ndustrial Unveils Energy Industry’s First Platform that Seamlessly Integrates and Augments Multiple Legacy Controls into One System

New Technology Accelerates Demand Response Adoption

Delivers Unprecedented Ten-Minute Response Time to Shut Down Refrigeration Controls During Peak Demand Windows

Raleigh, N.C. – April 19, 2022 – Ndustrial, the only production-first Energy Intensity software platform, today announced it has eliminated barriers to Demand Response (DR) adoption with the introduction of its advanced Energy Intensity platform which augments and automates legacy control systems in near real time to reduce peak load and monetize operations. The game-changing platform enables industrial facilities to react to peak demand by shutting down refrigeration controls in ten minutes and increasing their available load flexibility nearly tenfold.

“With increasing energy costs and pressure to improve grid resiliency, industrial facilities are looking at DR as a dynamic load management solution,” said Donovan Dawson, Senior Advisor at ENGIE. “DR programs can help monetize peak demand when the cost of electricity is high. However, safely shutting down control systems in time to take advantage of better pricing can be daunting. The new Energy Intensity platform from Ndustrial is a game-changer and can transform what’s possible for cold chain facilities.”

Key to leveraging Demand Response programs successfully is the ability to know when and where you can reduce your electric load without jeopardizing production or food safety inside the facility. A DR program in an industrial facility can help control peak load and lower energy cost. Ndustrial’s ability to deliver facilities a ten-minute window to shut down controls, combined with its ability to automate and integrate all refrigeration controls – across multiple facilities and multiple energy markets – into one platform, advances DR adoption for industrial enterprises around the world.

“Everything we do at Ndustrial is focused on turning energy efficiency into production efficiency,” said Jason Massey, CEO at Ndustrial. “Integrating real time data across enterprise control systems and across energy markets epitomizes our focus as a production-first company. Our advanced intelligence platform was purpose-built to reliably augment and automate legacy control systems in less than ten minutes.”

About Ndustrial

Ndustrial delivers the industry’s only production-first Energy Intensity software platform – enabling companies to minimize energy spend and achieve the highest production efficiency possible. Together with our IoT and Energy Service offerings, we provide a holistic view across all enterprise facilities and deliver new levels of insight to optimize and transform operations for a sustained competitive edge.