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Paying a Green Energy Premium

July 01, 2024

There’s a considerable momentum behind the renewables market in the US, and the market for these green supply products commands a premium. High-level findings from this year’s Business Energy Census show that there is an increase in willingness to pay a green energy premium.

In fact, according to more than 100 independent brokers, 62% percent of customers are willing to pay a small premium in 2024, compared to 56% in 2023, indicating a growing acceptance of green energy solutions. Year to year, the report cites a decrease from 28% to 18% of survey participants who said their customers are not willing to pay any premium at all for renewable energy.

These trends could be an indication of the future of energy and an increase in company initiatives to transition to net-zero emissions.

For more insights, download the 2024 Business Energy Census:

2024 Business Energy Census

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