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PJM Risk Off, NYISO Risk On, ERCOT Risk March Continues

October 23, 2018

Customers showed an increased appetite for risk in NYISO over the week while the view in PJM was the exact opposite.  NYISO risk appetite is up 5% while PJM is down by the same level. ERCOT and NEPOOL showed little change week-over-week.  It’s worth nothing that pricing requests in ERCOT have steadily shown an increased comfort with risk over the past two months, doubling from 15% on the week ending 9/4 to the current 30%.

Risk Appetite Report

The risk appetite gauges above reflect the mix of fixed, flex and index volume that were priced on behalf of customer requests in the period. Total annual MWh priced represents 158,363,631 for customers with peak demand above 750 KWh.