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Princeton Day School Addresses Environmental Stewardship with ENGIE Agreement

HOUSTON – August 20, 2019– Princeton Day School and ENGIE Resources have announced a five-year energy agreement that provides the campus with budget certainty while also encouraging the development of renewable energy including wind farms and solar arrays.

Princeton Day School will receive Green-e® Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) equal to 100% of the school’s electricity usage over the term of the contract. The RECs represent the environmental benefits equal to the removal of more than 500 gasoline-powered passenger motor vehicles from highways every year through 2024, or 5,000 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled. Green-e® RECs are determined by the Center for Resource Solutions to be independently verified to represent the environmental benefits of one MWh of renewable energy.

“Our goal is to nurture a culture of environmental stewardship by working simultaneously in the areas of facilities, behavior, and curriculum. We want our graduates to understand that how they use resources affects the ability of future generations to also use those resources,” said Dulany Gibson, Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations. “Executing an environmentally responsible, fixed-price, long-term energy contract helps us lead by example with fiscal and ecological benefits.”

“We are proud to work with Princeton Day School on their sustainable development goals while at the same time providing increased LEED recognition for the campus,” said Brad McIntyre, Senior Business Development Manager for ENGIE. “By participating in our Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) program, Princeton Day School helps reduce energy costs and improve grid stability, and accrues LEED certification points to further demonstrate their commitment to running a sustainable and efficient campus.”

Michael Amabile, Principal, Industrial Energy, an energy advisor to the School, said that school leaders should be recognized on two accounts. “Not only did school administrators make a strong statement in support of their low-carbon initiatives, they also locked in a fixed price in a regional transmission interconnection that is known for volatile, unpredictable spikes in prices.”

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