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Should You Be Reevaluating Your Energy Contract? 4 Stats to Consider

If you manage a commercial or industrial facility, you know how critical energy management is to your day-to-day operations. Reevaluating your electricity contract regularly is an important part of keeping costs low, and selecting the right provider reduces your risk and makes your life easier. Here are four facts about ENGIE Resources that you should consider as you’re exploring a switch. 

Switches Every 6.8 Minutes

Every 6.8 minutes in the U.S., a commercial or industrial customer switches an electricity contract to ENGIE. A lot of factors go into this decision, and we provide the energy tools and insights to help those customers make the most informed decision possible. We work with company leaders to learn about their business drivers and find the right strategy and most cost-effective energy solution to fit their direct needs.

90,000 Commercial Accounts

We serve more than 90,000 commercial and industrial accounts, all of which take advantage of a variety of customized plans—this includes whatever is best for them, whether the budget certainty of a fixed price, an index plan that’s tied to the market, or a mix of both.

88% Customer Satisfaction Rating

With an 88% customer satisfaction rating and one of the widest selections of product solutions in the U.S., ENGIE has the service expertise, stability, and infrastructure to serve your business effectively. We are interested in becoming long-term partners with our customers and work tirelessly to provide exceptional service at every level. As a result, more than 80% of our customers renew.

S&P and Thomson Reuters Recognition

We are recognized by Standard and Poor’s (S&P) and Thomson Reuters for all-around excellence in executing a total energy strategy—without losing the traditional values of customer care. By granting our customers access to data and load response programs, energy and environmental services, solar, and battery storage, we help them discover improved ways to manage energy at their facilities and ultimately save money.

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