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Taming Energy Turbulence

July 01, 2024

The tumultuous energy market of 2022 impacted the entire energy landscape, forcing businesses to reprioritize their operations. But recent surveys reflect a shift in mindset, indicating volatility has a decreased impact on business initiatives and operations.

High-level findings from this year’s Business Energy Census indicate that energy prices and volatility are less of a disruptive force in deterring or delaying major initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions and expansions compared to previous years.

There is a broad shift toward viewing energy prices and volatility as less significant barriers to major corporate initiatives, indicating a stabilizing effect of the energy market on strategic corporate decision-making. This can reflect a market adapting to a new energy environment.

Overall, the landscape in 2024 suggests that while energy prices and volatility continue to play a role in business strategy, their influence is diminishing, allowing businesses to resume major initiatives with greater confidence.

For more insights, download the 2024 Business Energy Census:

2024 Business Energy Census

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